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Trout are the quintessential gamefish that tends to first come to mind when anyone thinks of fishing with a fly rod.  And with good reason!  They are ostensibly the first fish that were ever pursued with such techniques, back in the days of Dame Juliana Berners and Izaak Walton.  Since then though trout have been spread from their original habitats to almost every corner of the globe, and anglers pursue them on no less than six out of seven continents (there still being some debate about whether or not Russian seal hunters may have in fact even left some in a lake on Antarctica years ago).  In short, we Love trout, and they occupy a special place in our hearts which warrants constant exploration of new environments within which to pursue them.  So take a look through our catalog of destinations for this species and then get in touch today to begin planning your next trout fishing trip of a lifetime with Hemispheres Unlimited!        


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